I firmly believe that a good book is one you can read again and again. But unfortunately, I haven’t re-read any of my favorites for quite some time. I blame Goodreads, mostly, because it has me all caught up in its “Reading Challenge” thing, so I’ve only been reading new books for the past two years (new to me, not necessarily new to the world).

2016 is going to be different. It’s going to be the “Year of the Re-Reads.”

Harry Potter. All seven.

Lord of the Rings.

The Martian Chronicles.

Out of the Silent Planet.

Stephen King’s On Writing.

In fact, I’ve already embarked on the Great Re-Read of 2016: I’m currently re-reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

(And yes, I’m one of those Americans who is so snooty about her Harry Potter that she insists on reading the British versions).

I had forgotten how very Roald Dahl-ish things are in the beginning. Rowling’s narrator is quite cheeky (especially in the early, tone-setting chapters), and the Dursleys would fit right in with the Veruca Salts and Miss Trunchbulls of the world.

I’m also surprised how quickly it moves. I’m already more than half-way finished, and I just started reading it a few days ago (and I don’t have a lot of time in the day for leisure reading).

I think I might do some book reviews — both of the old re-reads, as well as the new books I am planning to tackle this year. I’ve never really written book reviews before, but I imagine they’re quite like movie reviews (of which I’ve written many).

So far, HP and the Philosopher’s Stone is looking like a positive review. It holds up, even after all these years. I’ll write more when I’m finished it.