Avalon Summer is a book that took a long time to write — in fact, the seeds of the story were planted way back when I was just finishing high school.

It’s a book that’s close to my heart, and I want to share it with you exclusively.

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My hope is that Avalon Summer will take you back to your own childhood. For me, childhood meant reading Dragonlance paperbacks on my bed, waiting for movies like Willow and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves to come out in theaters, playing “Ghosts in the Graveyard” on warm summer nights, and desperately trying to find someone to join in with my MERP campaigns. It’s a story about childhood and the power of fairy tales. It’s a memoir filtered through the lens of fantasy. Mostly, it’s the version of my childhood I wish could’ve been real.

Enter your email below and I’ll send you a free copy of Avalon Summer. This novella is not available anywhere else. It’s not being offered in stores; I’m not putting it out for sale. It’s only available to my readers who sign up below.