THE THIRTEEN TREASURES OF BRITAIN_Kindle72dpiBook 1: The Thirteen Treasures of Britain



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1,400 years is a long time to be asleep. Even for a wizard. Especially for a wizard who has to stop an ancient prophesy from coming true.

By the time Merlin wakes up from his enchanted sleep, it’s 1985, the legendary Thirteen Treasures of Britain are missing, and his magic is starting to fade.

To make matters worse, in twelve days’ time, it will be Midsummer: the prophesied day when the old gods will return to Britain and wreak havoc on its people. If the Treasures fall into the wrong hands, the gods will rise, thousands will die, and Britain will be utterly transformed by chaos.

In the old days — the days of Camelot and King Arthur — Merlin would’ve sent someone else on the quest for the Treasures. But now, with time running out and everything at stake, he’s ready to take up the quest himself.

The search for the Treasures will take him from the realms of Faerie to the Land of Dreams, and from the streets of Glastonbury to the distant reaches of the solar system, where he’ll meet friends and foes alike, including Arthur Pendragon, Morgana Le Fay, and a panther-like creature called the Cath Palug — the “slashing cat” with a taste for king’s blood.

YSBADDADEN AND THE GAME OF CHESS_kindle 72dpiBook 2: Ysbaddaden & the Game of Chess

A bitter giant.
A vicious giant boar.
A man so hideous that death won’t claim him.
A knight so beautiful that no one can bear to strike his face.
And a bard whose magic has the power to resurrect the gods.

Merlin and company’s quest continues as they split up in search of allies and a magical sword that might be their only hope in the fight against the old gods. Arthur, Morgana, and Ambrose descend to the realm of a giant called Ysbaddaden, who rules a subterranean city beneath London, while Merlin fights to regain his magic inside a living chess game. With only a few days until Midsummer, can a wizard without magic and a king without a kingdom stop their foes and save their home?

Picking up where The Thirteen Treasures of Britain left off, Ysbaddaden and the Game of Chess is the thrilling second book in the Merlin’s Last Magic trilogy.

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Book 3: Albion Reborn (Coming in 2018)