I didn’t write on Thursday due to the holiday (Thanksgiving). This would seem like a minor hiccup, but alas, as I try to get back into my novel today, I’m struggling. I can’t seem to remember any of the story thread; I can’t find my way back into the story world. It all seems so foreign — the characters, the settings, the conflicts, the language. How can one missed day throw me out of my story so completely?

I managed to write about 1,000 words tonight, but they were disjointed and came in fits and starts. Hopefully tomorrow goes more smoothly.

What’s so crazy is that I feel so much more alive today now that I’ve written. My brain is abuzz with ideas; my imagination seems more alert and spongy (waiting to soak up ideas, I guess). I felt sluggish yesterday, and not just because of all the food. I was sluggish because I hadn’t connected with my story or my characters. It’s like, I *need* them now.

Which is totally cool! I’m glad that my story is becoming part of my daily routine. If nothing else comes out of NaNo, the desire and the discipline to write everyday is a good result.