…and yet I really want to see Interstellar. The only Nolan movie I really like is Memento; Batman Begins is okay, but I’ve found no desire to revisit it since seeing it in the theater.

What’s crazy about my desire to see Interstellar is that it sounds like it commits some of the same “over-explaining” sins that drove me crazy about Inception (a film I found to be utterly unpleasant to watch). And yet, the siren call of Interstellar keeps drawing me towards it. I love that it sounds like an old-school science fiction story — shades of Arthur C. Clarke and the great science fiction of the mid-2oth century.

I love Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles, and from some of the reviews I’ve read it seems like Interstellar explores some of the same territory as Martian Chronicles. I enjoy space travel stories that have a sense of awe and wonder about them.

Unfortunately, I’ll probably see the movie and end up disappointed — which is often my reaction to any Nolan film. He promises such heights, and yet never quite delivers. And yet…